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Allegrezza, born in Bari, at the age of 11 began to approach the world of electronic music.


He decides to pursue his musical career as a DJ and, at the same time, as a producer, experimenting with various sounds.


In 2019, he started working with different record labels, gaining the support of major artists in the scene. After a few years, he begins his journey in small clubs of his city, until in 2022 he reaches residency at the "Mandarino club", one of the most important places in the Apulian music scene, where over time, his name steadily grows.


During his rapid growth, he has had the opportunity to perform in several clubs such as Elephant park, Aphelion club, Masseria del turco, Timo’s club, etc... It is in 2023, thanks to his productions, that he begins to set foot outside Italy, particularly in England (Nottingham) at "The Brickworks" club and in Brazil (Sao Paulo) to the "Playground" festival.

While the future is uncertain, Allegrezza remains confident in his journey and creativity. With a clear vision and constant commitment to improving his skills, he is determined to leave an indelible mark on the world of music and inspire others with his art.

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