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Beckie Adams is a DJ and upcoming producer based in the UK, driven by a passion for house music nurtured through raves. With a decisive leap, she pursued her dream of becoming a DJ, buying her first set of decks and progressing steadily ever since.  

Beckie's musical style is a captivating fusion of old tech house roller sounds and newer, deeper tech bass. Her unique approach draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Jaden Thompson, Loco Dice, Martinez Brothers, Classmatic, and Mason Collective. This blend of influences creates a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly unique. 

Her talent and dedication quickly earned her recognition in the UK's music scene. In just two years, she found herself treading the decks of some of the country's most esteemed clubs, including Joshua Brooks, MINT Warehouse, Lab11, 93 Feet East, E1, and more. Her meteoric rise is a testament to her skill and the bright future that lies ahead. 

In 2023, she joined the Way Out roster and signed with Midway Agency, which gave her immediate international exposure. In a short time, she debuts as a host in Bari, southern Italy. 

At the same time, she channels time and resources to hone her production skills, eagerly awaiting the moment when her distinctive sound will spread across the airwaves and earn recognition through her tracks.

Armed with ambition and a relentless work ethic, he strides forward, confident that his journey will lead him to the pinnacle of success, where his name will shine brightly among the industry stars.

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