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Hailing from Naples, now based in London, SAVIO TESTA is a renowned DJ and founder of Tech-House label WAY OUT RECORDS. With a deep passion for music, he's made his mark globally with unique beats and unwavering passion.


From a young age, SAVIO TESTA was drawn to electronic music's rhythms. Experimenting with genres, he developed a distinct sound behind the decks.


SAVIO TESTA's music journey led to iconic venues worldwide, leaving unforgettable DJ experiences with seamless blends and captivating melodies: FABRIC, MINISTRY OF SOUND, E1, FIRE, EDEN IBIZA, CLOROPHILLA, MANDARINO CLUB & more.


As WAY OUT RECORDS' founder, he curates a sonic identity, pushing tech house boundaries and supporting emerging talents. His dedication cultivated WAY OUT into an electronic music institution.


Beyond DJing, SAVIO TESTA crafts tracks reflecting his vision, known for hypnotic grooves and energetic rhythms.

Industry luminaries like Marco Carola, the Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones and Michael Bibi, champion his work, solidifying his influence in Tech-House.


SAVIO TESTA's evolving journey pushes Tech-House's limits, driven by unwavering dedication and boundless passion. His impact endures as a true trailblazer in the industry.

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