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Day after day the italian duo Shokë are becoming one of the most interesting and thrilling producers of the electronic music scene.

Well-known for their minimal and straight groove alternated by glitches and drums, they keep impressing the listeners with every release. With records on Solid Grooves and Revival, and the support

received from big artists as Michael Bibi, Pawsa, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola and Ilario Alicante, Shokë is a name to write down for the future.


Grown to rock, jazz, soul and electronic music they developed a deep music culture and thanks to the merge of their tastes, Shokë created this exciting project always aimed at looking for innovative sounds trying to improve their sonic and unique signature.


Now the duo have decided to move to the next step creating their own imprint, ‘SHK’, where you will find only productions crafted by them, free from commercial compromises.


Along the production they played live in some of the best clubs in Italy & they have in program many more shows around Europe and Usa.

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