After listening to a mind-blowing DJ set in Ibiza' Amnesia by the Chilean-German electronic music producer Ricardo Villalobos,  Albi & Kego decided to use their creative inner resources to contribute to the techno industry.


With the influences of Puglia's nightlife, the two Italians have been constantly searching for unique sounds.


On the London' stage, they became officially two years ago through a regular party organised by Davide Zambetta, head honcho of Decay Records. Albi & Kego stood out with their original sets by playing opening ones for international DJs such as  Christian Burkhardt, Dana Ruh, Davide Decay, Max. from Bread and Butter, Italoboyz, Igor Vincent and others. Together, Albi & Kego form a surprisingly blend of minimal, deep and microhouse, always looking for the right thrill.


Their flexibility in music is also transferred to the way they adapt to the public, creating an authentic relationship where the sounds impress the senses, showing Albi & Kego' adventure through vinyl and mix records.


Being now Decay Records' residents and already played at FABRIC Room 1, Albi & Kego are constantly refining their style, making out of their music an Italian double shot of energy and endorphins.

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