What should be inspirational to a mind trapped in the century of fast-forwarding lifestyle, stuck in the same activities which should make the days exciting, but is constantly leaving us with the hunger of something different?

We brainstormed this out and the Parlour Session came to life, bringing an innovative fusion of arts for a city, which sometimes seems too gloomy.

In central London since the 1980s, FREUD is the kind of Café-Bar-Gallery which suited our vision as the place to host Parlour Session. With FREVD' minimalistic approach and influences of the industrial era, the arts can manifest here with freedom of expression like never before, always accompanied by classic cocktails and intriguing drinks.

Parlour Session wanted a safe place where people could discover a new way of being by perceiving life through art. Therefore in a concrete cellar such as FREUD, which gives a genuine feeling of intimacy, Parlour Session will provide quality music selection with vinyl vibes, exhibitions with unique paintings and literature, aiming to connect various artists with those who need more than a basic hangout.

Our concept is to offer the opportunity to grow and experience more: for artists just starting, we also want to provide the chance for them to be recognised, and for visitors the ability to disconnect from everyday stress in a relaxed environment.

Liking to do the things with a light heart and passion for the Arts, Parlour Session is free entry, so everyone is welcome to join.

Parlour Session will take place each month, connecting people from all around the globe in a community which is governed by music and other arts.

We will be excited for you to be a part of it.

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