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Shane Mac is establishing himself as the “go to” DJ, “the one man rave” the “DJs DJ”. 

He is notorious for his marathon sets some of which have lasted up to 17 hours. 

His DJ career began in 2006 and he hasn’t looked back since. “If I’m not dancing I can’t expect others to be, you get what you give”.

Shane is from South London (UK) he is of West Indian & South American descent. Coming from such a large family nine in total he was hugely influenced by the music his family listened to. His older brothers used to sneak him into raves at 14 years old listening to drums &

bass to House & Garage and he has been in love with nightlife ever since. Being in the party scene at such a young age has really given him an insight into reading crowds over the past 25 years”. 

Shane has always been deeply connected with music from reggae to classical to rock. “I wasn’t interested in TV so much as a kid I wanted the radio on, I was Influenced by Soul & disco, 80’s & 90’s electronica, drum & bass & Chicago house” His sets are groove heavy with a melodic undertone he plays house music like a hip- hop DJ, beat juggling and fader snapping. He is known for looping 2-3 tracks reinventing the tracks original feel on the fly.

“Electronica is such a wide genre, I like to hit many points in a set it’s an intimate story between me and the audience, I want to make sure we are both listening to each other”. Shane has been producing his own music and edits for a couple of years now purely for his performances and is excited to start releases in the very near future. Over the past decade, Shane has played some of the biggest stages in the world with some of the biggest names in the world. Shane has shared stages with The Martinez Brothers, Solomon, Nic Fanciulli, Calvin Harris, Audiofly, Bookashade, Orbital, Carl Craig, Armand Van Helden, Guy Gerber. H.O.S.H, Bedouin, & Adriatique to name a few.

Shane Mac's interactive links

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