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 Inspired from London’s underground, WAY OUT is the new concept of partying, which aims to give you the experience of escaping reality and monotony.

The tube is the hidden side of the city, where real life is transformed. In the same line, WAY OUT aims to create a magical space, where music makes us free.


We are here for you to enter a new dimension of sounds and rediscover the meaning of freedom. In a world where you have to follow the rules, comply with demands, and always 'mind the gap,' WAY OUT invites you to BREAK THE LINE.


Step up from your comfort zone, and get ready for the late-night adventure of the WAY OUT parties. Embark in our vibrant journey and let behind the daily worries while the music guides you.


The dancefloor is your space to be yourself, and to cheer life. You just have to break the line and see what we have prepared for you on the other side.

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